Dear Colleagues,

I am excited to be together with you in another congress. This year TURKRAD 2018 (39th National Radiology Congress) will be held between November 6th – 11th, 2018 at Rixos Sungate Congress Center – Kemer, Antalya which is an occasion our society provides the most comprehensive scientific, educational, professional and social atmosphere to our members. Dr. Murat Danacı, the president of the scientific committee has prepared a successful program with the scientific Committee of the Congress. The two main topics for this year’s congress were identified as “Incidental Lesions” & “Radiologic Follow Up”.

We strongly believe that your participation will enrich our congress where the subject content is determined according to your feedbacks. In this context, there will be three courses included in the scientific program: “Abdomen Cross-Sectional Imaging Course”, “Musculoskeletal Ultrasonography Course” and “Cardiac Imaging Course. Topic titles were planned with a three leveled approach: Level 1 for basic information of the related topic; Level 2 for more specific and advanced learning and Level 3 for discussing new developments and updated literature for a specific topic.

The Ministry of Health has carefully taken into account our report primarily regarding “examination density” which we completed on January 2018 by considering the problems we have been experiencing in the past year, by the collective meetings and by the feedbacks we have received from you. We have established new study groups accordingly and we are currently working with the Ministry of Health on this subject. As in previous years we are expecting your participation and contributions to “Among Us” session where we will handle our problems and try to find possible solutions mainly about “Radiologic Overload”.

One of the main objects of the congresses is social integration. In this context, we will try to create more time for social and sports events that we can integrate. We are already excited about the idea of being able to be together in a social program we are inspired by sportive and social subjects included in the high school curriculum with various new activities.

This year we will also have the ordinary meeting of the General Assembly and general election of the Executive Committee within the scope of the congress. We look forward to your attendance and contribution to the meeting. 

We are looking forward to get together at a successful meeting and end our congress as well equipped and satisfied.

Best Regards,

Tamer Kaya, MD
President of Turkish Society of Radiology